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Meet Amanda Melsby
Posted 8/22/18

Amanda Melsby

How long have you been with FUSD? - This is the start of my sixteenth year with FUSD.

How long have you worked in education?  - I have been in education for sixteen years as well.

What is your background? - I went to San Francisco State and studied journalism.  I worked at a weekly newspaper in editing prior to entering the teaching credential program for English.  The editing skills helped quite a bit when I became an English teacher and began grading papers.

What will you bring to your school? - I hope to bring openness, a willingness to look at new ideas and ways of doing things and the ability to work with all stakeholders to drive the school forward.

What is your educational philosophy? - My educational philosophy is that all people have the capacity to learn and that teachers and coaches have the ability to push us all to heights we may not have thought possible.

What can students/families expect this year? - This year we are looking to increase the technology at IHS. I plan to work more closely with ASB and our entire admin team will be more involved with the students and student activities.