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Subject: Google Classroom codes for adding class (2018/19)

Date: 9/4/18 (update from last announcement)

The following are the Google Classroom codes with instructions for adding classes to Google Classroom


Google C/R

join class code












How to join your Geometry class:

  • Log into your ******* google account
  • click on “Classroom” under the APPs icon at the top
  • click on the “+” on the top bar
  • select “Join class”
  • enter the “class code” from the list above
  • At this point you need to wait for the teacher to complete the link on his side and then you will see the assignment if you refresh (F5).

Note if the follow is displayed in pink:

You are not a member of this class … Redirecting to your classes, two thinkg could be happening

  1. You have not been sync’d into EdPuzzle (this has to be done manually by your teacher AFTER you join)
  2. If the sync has been done, you can just “X” out of the message, and the video will be posted on the screen underneath.
  3. Watch the complete video


Subject: Google Classroom codes for adding class (2018/19)

Date: 08/29/18

FAQ on adding class in Google Classroom


  • try logging into our google classroom, it says the code I enter is wrong so it is not letting me get in

You need to make sure you use your school log in for Google first:


for most it is a combinations of your

first three letters of


first three letters of


Last three numbers of



  • Codes

Google Class


















  • The first time you join a class you will not have access to the videos (in EDpuzzle) until after your teacher has confirmed your access on the teacher side. This will be manually done and your teacher should send you a confirmation that the “handshake” has been completed on the teacher side before you can see the assignments posted on your google classroom site (after you refresh the page)


  • One last thing is that even after this “handshake” is completed, you often get a popup asking you to select “Google or Edmodo” … pick the Red “google” box, and then you be prompted to Accept the license agreement. After that the link should be transparent


  • Google Classroom is entirely separate from SchoolLoop.

Subject: New School Year (2018/19)

Date: 08/24/18

Welcome to the new school year

The first week of school will be used to get everyone to establish a healthy classroom environment and make sure that everyone has access to the technology needed to do the assignments and to understand the "flipped classroom" and how to find the assignments and grades in schoolloop.

The textbooks will be issued by Friday along with the first textbook assignment.  The goal should be for all students to have practiced completing assignments prior to the actual curriculum


Major things to be completed:

  • Register in schoolloop -  this is just a reminder for all Freshman and new students.  If you registered last year, it should still work.
  • Have a Google Classroom account
  • Have a textbook
  • Have access to the online textbook 

It is suggested that you double check that you are getting the grades you expect for the assignments to date.


Subject: Grades

Date: 10/27/17
With the onset of report cards I want to address some common questions.

(1) Grades are cumulative through the entire semester.  Whatever grade you get for the quarter will be added to the second quarter grades and accumulate for the entire semester grade.  After the semester ends, THEN your grade goes back to a "clean slate" for the next semester.

(2) The grades in Schoolloop are round to the second decimal place and will not be adjusted once the last class for the grading period has past except for special circumstances where errors were made in the gradebook. 

Please refrain from asking for an (79, 69 etc.) to be rounded up.  My gradebook rounds to the hundredth position and if you want to stay in a certain grade level you must meet the criteria established in my syllabus.

(3) The first quarter grades are for school work completed thru 10/31, so whatever grade that is posted before I checkout that night will be the one to be used on your report card.

(4) I do not do contracts for quarter grades.  Please refer to the syllabus for contract criteria at the end of the semester.  All contracts are at the teachers’ discretion.

(5) At this point I have not established any specific extra credit assignments.  I am in the process of making adjustments for students participating in Math contests on campus, but extra credit normally will not exceed a 3% bump in your grade.

(6) The only grade that is permanent is your final semester grade with the exception of "I" grades which by definition are "Incomplete".


Subject: Big Ideas Online Access

Date: 09/20/16

Big Ideas Math On-Line Access


The following are the instructions to gain online access to the Big Idea’s Math suite :


(1)  Go to this URL:


(2)  User: Students Google Email Address (Ex:


(3)  Password: your Birthday “M/D/YYYY” (without the quotation marks)

Example 1: “11/20/2001”. Please note there is no “0” before single digit dates

Example 2: May 7, 2001 is entered as “5/7/2001


(4)  Change your password before continuing.


(5)  The rest is just exploring the menus (Please note the assignments tab is not used since all of our assignments will be logged into Schoolloop)


As a side note for those wanting to use the English Learning Features:


The online Multi-Language Glossary includes a comprehensive list of mathematical terms in English, Spanish, Arabic, Armenian, Cantonese, Haitian Creole, Hmong, Khmer, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Tagalog, Urdu, and Vietnamese.


Find a term you want to understand, after selecting it you will get the following:


(Then beneath it you will see this)

Translate from English toArabic Armenian Cantonese Haitian Creole Hmong Khmer Korean Punjabi Russian Spanish Tagalog Urdu Vietnamese

Click the down arrow to reveal all 14 different languages.





Subject: New School Year (2016/17)

Date: 09/01/16


Register in schoolloop -  this is just a reminder for all Freshman and new students.  If you registered last year, it should still work.


It is suggested that you doulble check that you are getting the grades you expect for the assignments to date.