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Victorian England

  • British National Archives Victorian England

    The rich and poor, prisons, Jack the Ripper, and many more topics from the Victorian era!

  • Victorian Crime and Punishment

     Great site found by a student in Ms. Cohen's 2nd period in 2008--lots of good info on crime and punishment in the Victorian Age, including specific offenses and their punishments (ever wonder what "transportation" is? What was the penalty for prostitution? etc). Created by 3 local city organizations in England.

  • Time Traveler's Guide to Victorian England

    By Great Britain's Channel 4 news site, a good, clear source on crime, etiquette, women's roles, women's education, arts, industrialization, etc.


  • History World: Victorian Era (economy, child labor, factories, etc)

  • BBC: Women's rights in the Victorian Age

    This site by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) deals with women's pay, voting rights, children,etc, in the Victorian Era by playing a flash player game where you click on different doors.

  • "All Change in the Victorian Age" BBC History

    Who better to tell us about the Victorians than the BBC? They have a great site about the Victorian Era--good for evidence about how society was changing and progressing. Remember to click on the different sections on the left (money, railway, etc).

  • The Victorian Web, Brown University

    Brown University maintains a giant website about the Victorian Era. Check it out!

  • The Norton Anthology of English Literature Norton Topics Online: Victorian Age

    Check out the first paragraph, and then click on the links in the left-hand sidebar (industrialization, the "woman question,"  imperialism, etc).


    FYI: The Norton Anthology is a textbook that you'll probably use in college if you take a survey of British Literature course. They always provide good background on the different historical periods of their literature.

  • History In Focus: Victorian England

    From the Institute of Historical Research, London. Click on "Victorians" (the last one in the list)